Monday, September 29, 2003

It is official...i quite possibly heard the worse pick up line i have ever heard. the bacherlorette party was hysterical. we went to loma lindas and then on to the bait shop. i was outside with my good friend and a larger man with a nike t-shirt, jeans and a hat came over. he asked my friend to guess what he did. She, having a little too much to drink, obliged. "A mortician??"
nope he said.
"A real estate agent??"
"you sell mortgage??"
no i don't
"i give," she said
I AM A FREE-LANCE GYNECOLOGIST. i nearly spit on him. what in the world?? i would have rather heard some dirty perverted comment about our boobs. so this tip of the day is free.

DON'T EVER DO WHAT THAT GUY DID!!! you might actually get a chic.
that is all for today i am quite busy

Friday, September 26, 2003

obviously unknown to some of my dear blogging friends renee and i do not blog together. i just didn't want to mislead any of you that would click on shok and lydia's blog hoping to find some sort of lesbian pictures. :) having set that aside, it is now time to end another week. my life is starting to fly by without me even needing to be conscience at times. like this week i am not sure if i went to all my classes but i must have because my boss didn't call. it feels like those times when you are driving and you end up at your final destination feeling good about it but you just don't remeber how you got there. i used to do that nearly every time i drove back and forth from Lansing.

tonight i am going to hang out with Nikki Hall before she goes and marries scott, or in other word's a bachelorette party. i am sure that it will be fun, but i am not sure that i am the typical person to be involved in those. i love nikki and her sister in law, Sarah Hall, though so i am expecting to see some crazy stuff happen. NOthing incredibly degrading or sinful though. i am sure.

i don't have too many deep thoughts today, however there is so much value in relationships. God has given me blessing not just in provision for life and food, but with really good friends. i have so many people in my life that i love and i am grateful. my mom and brothers and sisters are incredible. they are very supportive and i love how we grow together as we get older and learn to relate differently. amy, kevin, mayzie, jerry, jill, jordan, nick and hayley, lou and robyn, robin and brant, brian and sarah, vic and shelly, val, pam, kim and greg, nina and oskar...the list could go on forever. i just am grateful for the part of God that is revealed thru each one of you and even those i haven't yet mentioned...lydia, shok, glenn and carrie, gay and troy, bonnie and larry, grandma and grandpa, aunt alesia. i am sure you are sick of reading so i won't bore you. but today i just found myself grateful for you all, after a truck ride with Brian to Legacy Lake go figure. just kiddin' bri, i dig ya.
have a good weekend all, enjoy your relationships.
p.s. the previously mentioned people were in no particular order so don't feel to special if you were first, last or not mentioned at all. you know who you are and how i care about you, i just didn't think that i said it enough. :)

Monday, September 22, 2003

Another week begins, and it must be a good one, since I have found time to blog today. I am dogsitting this week for Sam the money maker. He brings me in at least an extra $50 a month, and that is just for a weekend. I believe that it will at least double this weekend since I am staying there for a week. My old friend from high school's parents call all the time to see if I can dog sit and it works out well. They are very cool and fun to hang out with. SO this week me and Sam will go for some walks, drink a few margaritas, and play some pool :) maybe not the margarita part, since I don't really like them all that much. But I will rest easy and make some extra cash.
last nite I went to Detroit with the Gnageys and the Griesers to worship with the Hillsongs bunch. That is right Darlene Zscech in the flesh, I think that is how you spell it. Some of you may know her better as the woman who wrote Shout to The Lord. I must at admit, I went with all the cynicism that I could muster and came out having one of the greatest worship experiences of my life. Man did the Lord shred that place with his presence. It was thick sometimes unbearable. The Lord has anointed that music with some sort of Freedom that doesn't happen very often in today's church. I say this not to jump on the Hillsong band-wagon. I am still a big fan of really dirty vocals and rocky worship-NOT ROCK-N-Roll WORSHIP CIRCUS, but you know Redman & Crowder. But I did find the Lord was there in a unique way, and it was especially interesting to have my attitude changed. Sometimes it is so easy to think that you have some sort of Spiritual Edge over other people in the church. Man was I broken about that.
So today here is my prayer. Lord you know my heart and how it longs for you, but might you teach me to find you wherever you dwell. In the desert, in my bedroom, in the shower, on a mountain, with a still small voice, loud and clear thru an electric guitar solo, when I read the WORD or when someone speaks it over me, thru a nerd, thru an artist, in the trees, thru someone who is Thai and I can't even understand. At work, even when I am on e-bay, thru close friends, and the lady at sterling's. Lord my brokenness is a sign of your presence, and I will take that too. You are good in so many forms. Thank you for leaving the fleshly body of Christ in order to dwell in the Spirit which moves all of these things to speak to me your Glory. You alone are worthy of honor and with a sincere heart I will seek hard after you. there is no part of my world that will remain void and empty, for you spoke and it exists. You breathed and it lived. thank you Jesus, you made me so very well, indeed. Alive with freedom.amen.

Friday, September 19, 2003

i lied...which one of you writing in my shout outs, is impersonating my mom? fess up you creeps!!!
oh i almost forgot. anyone that might be interested in attending a 9 week small group for women, called Ransomed Feminity. it starts this monday nite at 7:15. it will explore all we are to be and created as women of god. jill grieser will be leading it and it won't be a bore. you can expect honesty, humor, and some minor cynicism which will be added by yours truly. e-mail me if you need directions or call me at the church.
i believe i am seriously done now.
another week here and gone. unbelievable, i have been more busy lately than i have been since my senior year in college. i can't believe how much more difficult it is to teach a class at 8am than it is to be a student and come half asleep.
i am enjoying being on campus at NSCC. my students are cool, but many in number.
the trailer is great, it has been really cool to live there in the fall with the breeze it stays very nice. i am trying to decide what to do this weekend. i really need to do some work on my classes but i really feel like reading other books all weekend. i will probably live in balance and do a little of both. i really can't wait to finish John Eldredge's book...Waking the Dead. it is very good. Matter of fact last nite i read like 90 pages or something like that. i will share more when i am finished. but as far as christian perspective this guy is very realistic and honest two things i find admirable. well that is all i have for right now, my life is pretty normal right now. i will try to tell some stories next week. anyone seen any good movies lately???

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Man it has been a while since i have been in blog world. why is that sometimes i feel this incredible guilt as if i owe to people to blog. Obligation plagues me sometimes, but not today. i am shaking it free. i am writing because i can. i am nearly two weeks ahead in planning for my classes, which is good for me. i just got done with a sermon on sunday, and i am watching Mayzie who is sleeping well right now. so what else do i do but blog. i must admit i am in a hurry though, because i was hoping to enjoy Waking the Dead, a book by John Eldredge. Jerr let me borrow it and i have much anticipation about it.
The trailer is still treating me well. we haven't even had to think of a mouse in like 2 months, but harvesting season is soon. That should be a real thrill. Hopefully, good ol' slim took care of our problem. Renee is busily working two jobs and seems to be doing well. i really like having her around. SHe is really laid back and fun. I wonder, as a type, if people think we are lesbians, when they don't know me and read my blog. that is striking me as humorous. i talk about her like we are dating sometimes. i guess that is what happens when you live with someone though. she just got back from a friend's wedding in illinois and had plenty of good stories to tell. i would share them but i don't think that i will take the chance that someone might meet some of her friends some time. This weekend i head to Joyce Meyer, with Janerz and Becky. i am pumped about that. it should be a nice couple days away. i hope to be encouraged by the Word as well as pick up a gangsta' in Motor city.
SUnday after church i went to a concert in Detroit with Amy, Kevin, and Renee. it was a blast. The tickets were $10 for the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour. Skillz, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, the ROOTS, OAR, Pherell(sp?), and the N.E.R.D. it was great entertainment, good music, and of course like all outdoor concerts i got a great second hand buzz from all the toking up. just kidding. :)
Last nite as i went to bed, i thought about how i was so consumed with how my life would turn out. i remember worrying about what i would be when i grew up, and i must admit. i am happy and filled with joy. i haven't done anything extraordinary, been any place exotic, or made a lot of money. heck i am not even dating!! but i am living and living well. Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. that was a joke for those music buffs out there. really though, things couldn't be better. the Lord is teaching me to be not CONTENT, but ALIVE with passion. Passion for even Wauseon, OH where nothing is really going on. A girl in my class today spoke about growing up in the Armpit of Ohio (as i like to call NWO), she said that she never really had any cultural experiences. i don't know about her but i've had plenty. i think she skips the Fulton Co. Fair, especially the Combine Derby which was hilarious. Ideally, you don't want to return to the place you grew up, but the Lord has made me realize, living isn't about location. Living is LOVE< JOY, peace patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control...etc. i am really experiencing those things now. and to be honest i kinda like it.
alright that is all for now. on to reading...i would like to give Sarah Tiplady a shout out, thanks for being so authentic. you are a cool lady, with an intelligence goes hand and hand with your ability to communicate. I don't know if she reads this, but if you see her, i am sure you all will let her know.