Friday, September 19, 2003

another week here and gone. unbelievable, i have been more busy lately than i have been since my senior year in college. i can't believe how much more difficult it is to teach a class at 8am than it is to be a student and come half asleep.
i am enjoying being on campus at NSCC. my students are cool, but many in number.
the trailer is great, it has been really cool to live there in the fall with the breeze it stays very nice. i am trying to decide what to do this weekend. i really need to do some work on my classes but i really feel like reading other books all weekend. i will probably live in balance and do a little of both. i really can't wait to finish John Eldredge's book...Waking the Dead. it is very good. Matter of fact last nite i read like 90 pages or something like that. i will share more when i am finished. but as far as christian perspective this guy is very realistic and honest two things i find admirable. well that is all i have for right now, my life is pretty normal right now. i will try to tell some stories next week. anyone seen any good movies lately???

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