Friday, April 24, 2009

Lucy Anne Weber

It's been a while since my last post, because we have our Lucy. She was born April 4th at 3:01am and well we've been learning a lot. We all had a rough start. After being induced(because my blood pressure was a bit high) on Thursday April 2nd at 8pm, water broke at 5am on Friday the 3rd and then Miss Lucy came via c-section on the 5th. I pushed for almost two hours and couldn't get her out...her heart rate shot up and we both had fevers so they decided to get her out. Which at that point, not sleeping since Tuesday nite...I was more than ready for a c-section. I had a Dr. from Africa who did the c-section, but mine was there too-she took care of Lucy. Dave was with me the whole time until they got out. Seriously I'm not sure how to describe the experience except TRIPPY!!! I was so tired, I can't believe all that happened. I will try to write more about the birthing experience later. We came home on April 7th and then the breastfeeding frenzy began. Just now am I starting to feel better about life...I think the older you are when you start having kids, the bigger adjustment. But man do we love her, and can't imagine our lives without her already. Crazy, how quickly they grow...3 weeks old tomorrow. Here's some pictures and more updates to come. Hopefully this weekend when Daddy's home. Lucy is stirring in her carseat in her crib-why move her if she's content? :) It begins.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Gotta Be Time, Right?

The final strech, Dave found this picture a while back and I keep thinking it's gotta be soon. I am 39 weeks along-due in 9 days. Please don't stay in any longer, girlie!!! I really hope that she isn't one of those that camps out in utero two weeks after we've been expecting her. Not to complain, but I had no idea the last two weeks would be so uncomfortable, other than the puking in the beginning, I've been very healthy. Now I can't sleep...well meaning people tell me it's God's way of preparing you, but after reading some posts on facebook from some of my friends who are new moms...seems like not sleeping the last few weeks doesn't even come close to how tired you'll be when they arrive.
I'm ready for her to come as far as my body goes, but my emotions are all over the place. We still don't have a name for sure...not even 3 that we love. So that worries me, can you take a baby home from the hospital without a name? And this whole 1+1=3 thing, I don't quite get that math. Don't get me wrong we can't wait for her to be in our lives. It's just we are very FREE right now, and I'm starting to sense the inevitable change that will happen. So I wonder how will I handle it, breastfeeding, up late, body all messed up, hormones, and trying to still be a great wife. I know my husband has the patience to handle me and this new bundle of joy-so I'll bank on that.
One final thought about parenting, there are so many things I don't have figured out (as you may well know based on my thoughts on faith) but there is one thing. It's very difficult for me to go through this whole experience of pregnancy and say there isn't' a God. All of the details and crazy things that develop. The fact that two people make love and make this-that must be intelligent design. How else would you get two people to take on this much responsibility, unless making it is fun? My husband and I are not about to boldly go where no man has gone before, but we've never been here for sure. I'm very glad for David and the gift God gave me in Him. He's my best friend and I'm completely in love with him. (sorry for the sap again). He makes me laugh even when things are rough. I just think that if everyone were blessed in this way, the world might be a lot more forgiving and happy. Thank God for David Weber and for Baby Weber too! I am hoping that the birth goes smoothly and we have a healthy baby girl.