Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obsess Much?

Two things I'm obsessing about:
1. Free Blog Giveaways! LOVE
2. Tummy Sleeping-what do I do?
Okay so another try at a giveaway...I'm a stay at home mom for the summer and I love looking for chances at cute free stuff for our Lucy. One of these tutus would be so cute on her bum!

and in other news Lucy is starting to turn in her crib so much! I just feel so bad cause I let her nap on her tummy, and I'm about to try it for the night. I just have so much fear about SIDS! I think SIDS is from the devil-seriously, can't my kid who WON'T sleep on her back, just sleep on that big ol' tummy and wake up in the morning-no worries. I know lots of people who still let their kids tummy sleep even though it's not reccommended. For now, we leave her in the carseat in her crib at night and tummy for naps, but I hope she rolls over soon so I don't have to worry!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another great giveaway. please win!

So recently Lucy has been garage sale-ing some with mommy. Two weeks ago, all dressed in PINK!! One old man (well 60's) said what a cute little guy! boys wear pink polkadots and flowers. I DON"T THINK SO. So here's hoping I win the head bands at:

Oh and for the record, this is my baby GIRL.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Alive!!

Warning this may be graphic: Okay after almost ten weeks of poopy diapers and learning to be comfortable whipping my boob out in public, I think I am finally settling into a routine. By that I mean, Lucy runs the show and I learn to chill out. We are finally making our way back to some of the things we did before, hanging with friends, trips to WalMart-heck we even watched the HBO movie about John Adams part I and II the other day. (highly recommend by the way). It's been a tough transition for us. We are still adjusting. I think the older you are when you start your family the more difficult it is. It is just crazy to think how much this little girl needs us, and about our future providing for her. I am enjoying my time off with her and can't believe it's already been 10weeks that we've had her. She is smiling so much more, cooing, and picking her head up so well. She even napped (on her tummy-don't tell) in her crib for two hours. What a great start, considering we currently put her to bed for the night in her car seat, in the crib. She's doing great with breastfeeding, not sure what she was but I'd bet 15-16lbs. She'll be right on track to double her weight by her third month. Also she LOVES being by herself-I know this sounds strange but stick a stuffed animal by her and she'll talk away. I think we have an independent one on our hands. So after 10 weeks, I can finally say I feel more alive again-what a crazy ride this life has been...can't wait for more with Lucy and Dave. Loretta too! Here are some pics from this week. Someday I'll get back to writing about more than just Lucy, but for now-

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Daddy and His Girl

Sometimes words can't describe how you feel, especially when the two most important people in your life are together! My favorite thing to do is watch Dave with Lucy. It's beautiful, and although he worries about not being a good father-I just see it in his eyes and she feels it in his touch. He will be. The first pic is a couple days home with her, the second one...just yesterday!