Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I finally did it. I got my butt over to shok's and fixed my blog, i am pumped. now i can put some links on to some stuff that i find funny. at any rate, i would like to give due props to my buddy lydia who restored my faith in computers, and my ability to get them to do what i want. Renee and I had a blast there and i thought that it was fun. we played putt-putt and lydia schooled us. i believe that she was practicing before we got there.

NEWS ON THE MOUSE: He has not been spotted for 1 week, i believe. i am so glad. My landlord slim shady was going over to fix the mouse turnpike behind my drawers today. hopefully that will do it. i was excited when i got home yesterday, it was amazing, there was a mouse in the driveway. at first i thought the cats were finally doing their job but no!!! i think the mouse was hit by a car because it was flattened. i am still cleaning up poop. which is not so cool. i found some on the window sill, i am sure it was old, or at least that is what i am telling myself. i don't know if you've ever seen a trailer window sill but man is it small. i am not sure how he got up there but i believe it would require some climbing on the couch. cool, eh? i can't wait until this whole saga is over.

I have finally given up on The Purpose Driven Life. My gosh, i could not even stay awake reading it. maybe it is for another time, you know like that book Who Moved My Cheese. i am not trying to be mean but, it was a terrible book for me. i think that a college student, i was when i read it, is use to being flexible. that is all life is: ADJUSTING, when you are young and single. so moving my cheese didn't make sense to me, it happened every semester, on the weekends, and sometimes late at nite. Anyways my thought is that maybe the Purpose driven life didn't mean so much to me because i already have purpose. I am not saying that i know better then Mr. Warren, but just saying I am not looking for that. i should have know when the sub-title was What on earth am i here for? so i have moved on. i am now taking a Joyce Meyer book by storm, Enjoying Where you are on the Way to where your going. i can't put it down. It seems to be leading me into some really great times with the Lord. So hopefully i will finish it today. i am hoping to go with my good friend Jane to see hear her preach in Sept. i haven't really listened to much of her stuff, but her book is great. Maybe it is the right book for the right moment. so for today, i am going to live enjoying the moment. NO regrets, can't change the past. NO dread, don't know about the future.
and i'm spent

Friday, July 25, 2003

Once again i don't have much to say but i will ramble anyways. i had another friend who is supposedly bi-polar go off his meds. this week. that is the great thing about medicine, it makes you think that you don't need it. I DUNNO, let me know when you figure it out. I have yet to be able to make it to the SHOKERELLA's house, but i am anticipating the trip mon. or wed. i am pumped about that. hopefully i won't get lost. i am not sure what else is going on with me, but i will say that i hate it when people ask what is new. i mean come on, if i haven't told you by now either NOTHING IS DIFFERENT, or I DON'T KNOW YOU WELL ENOUGH TO SHARE. Usually with me it is the first reason not the second. i don't mind if the question comes from someone i haven't seen for a while but if i see you daily, like alanis morrisett says, "YOU OUTTA KNOW."

today Brian, our church's worship pastor, told me that he doesn't really enjoy listening to music that much. does anyone else find that odd. i dunno. maybe it is just me. i know this though, btw. Lauryn Hill and Michael Jackson i probably drove him nuts today in the office. alright busy weekend with the family and i need to go to the post office and the library so i am off. until monday- I'm out and still not a baller, but i do have all weekend. :)

Monday, July 21, 2003

MONDAYS-not to be like any other bitchy person who complains, but geese. The office is offul(awful) right now. no one is here, and i am bored stiff. i haven't had but one phone call today, and i would die to have a food pantry call. i haven't wasted the time though. i have been working on something. and you few actually two people who know about this blog will find out. i applied to Lansing Community College today for a job. they had this online spot where you could fill out an application so i thought that i would give it a whirl. i have been wondering if i should go up there and help with the church up there, but have been too chicken shit to even look for a job. I just thought today was worth a try, i don't know maybe it was the silence of the office or the rain, but it was worth a shot.
i am also highly disappointed because there still has been no capture of the mouse. My roomate and i found more poop, it looks like D-Con though. i thought that stuff was supposed to kill them, I guess not. The traps we set haven't worked at all, and i am about ready to move out. i can't take it. i talked to the landlord and he was like well just get some mouse traps. i am giving it one more week and if that doesn't work. i am making the landlord take care of it. YIKES.

final thought: i went to the Wauseon HOmecoming this weekend, and was up $7.00 on the big six wheel. whoopee. man that was great, but the PAGEANT sucked. my gosh, those girls were dumb. there was one girl who helped tutor children at the Elementary school in town and they asked her a question about why she enjoyed it and this was her response, "IT IS GREAT TO HELP SLOW READERS>>>it really makes you feel good about yourself, they watch your every move." okay dipshit. now all the slow readers that were in the audience now know the politically correct term for them is SLOW READER, maybe they should just start calling the Mentoring Program RETARDED READERS: you helping them one small word at a time. Geesh. alright enough of me the cynic. more tomorrow.
hope i hear from the shok's soon, this still looks like crap

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

First things first, i still haven't caught the mouse who has affectionately been deemed, DAMN MOUSE. Last nite, my roomate Renee and I built our own little trap for the piece of junk. I hope it works, but he is one fast little sucker, and to be honest i am a little sensitive about it right now. Last nite he ran by my foot and i got goose bumps. He also managed to lick the peanut butter off the trap I set for him, but did not get snapped. i dunno.
Last nite i went to small group at a friend of mine's. They have a lake, and it is gorgeous. You know one of those hidden ones that seem to be all over Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Northeastern Indiana. I was supposed to be paying attention to everyone in the group and what they were talking about some pretty intense stuff, but i zoned. i am not sure, but i believe it was the first time i have ever been captivated by anything...i mean that literally. So now i will make an attempt to share some lyrics that i hope to work into a worship song. those friend's of mine call their lake, Legacy Lake. So i call this song.
try not to be critical, i know it is the first time i have been remotely serious on my blog, here goes

Captivated by the sun
Your wind blows me back to You
Birds sing to me Your Words
The trees are bending to Your call
the Waters rest in Your peace

Remind me through creation,
I was made to be with You
Remind me I'm created,
Lord, I live to worship You

The moon seems destin for the dark
Rain refreshes like Your mercy
Clouds bring comfort and shade
The waves are beckoned to bow
The mountains echoing Your majesty

Remind me through creation
I was made to be with You
Remind me I'm created,
Lord I live to worship You

Friday, July 11, 2003

Mouse in my trailer. my gosh, i am being stalked by a little dark brown mouse. i hate him. On Tuesday nite, the little shit, ran out from behind my tv, underneath my pink chair. And I, being the giant human that I am, threw my lotion bottle at the chair just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. My eyes did not deceive me, a rodent is living in my trailer. (i guess to be expected since i live in BFE with about 15 cats outdoors, where else would it go?) i thought that i chased it out on Tues. but i didn't. He came back last nite with a vegence, stalking my roomate, her sister, and her nephew. They did find out where he was coming in, so i blocked that off after they chased him out. There was a hole next to the furnace, where he so convienantly had access to my living room. UGH!!! i hope that i have finally won the battle because i cannot take another nite of dreams about mice.

This is a busy weekend for me. i feel like sometimes the weekend isn't that at all, but i could always make different choices. Friday nite, hang with some friends, which will be great. Sat. practice for worship on sunday, clean, and get my syllabus ready for NSCC (www. nscc.cc.oh.edu) i hope that is right. it is the community college that i teach at. i love it, most days. sunday is church, which i will be early for, and then a drive to Lansing, MI for a birthday party for my friend's kid. should be fun, i just hate driving some days. maybe it would help if i drank a lot before i went, just joking. :)

hopefully i will get my new pal, lydia, to help me put some links up this week. that will make this blog look tons better. i think it should be cool getting to know her, if she'll still come to the trailer with the mouse. that is all for now.

Monday, July 07, 2003

damn- i just lost my whole last post. i am so mad.
so here it goes again:

first, props to, the self-proclaimed nice girl lydia, who is willing to help my blog look better, perhaps a bit less prehistoric. at any rate, i think she is a cool girl and you should check out her blog if you like, http://ploughwoman.blogspot.com, i hope that is right. i guess i'll fix it if it isn't.

now about the fourth of july. i had a great time in my home town watching the fireworks. our little town does a pretty decent job, but there were like 3 finales or something like that. my theory is some fat guy was lighting the fireworks and couldn't get to some of them quick enough. there were like 45 second pauses between each of the sets of firecrackers. anyways i had a thought while i was at the fourth party. i really dig the deal that we celebrate our independence, but i wonder what it would be like if every city that had their own firework display contributed to one massive fund. you know kind of like a giant nuclear explosion, minus the death and destruction. laugh now, but my friend says, all it takes is one witty invention. i could be like that prayer of Jabez guy. One stinkin' book and college paid for, wow would that be great.