Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't Touch This

Well my blog that is!! Seems nowadays with work & Lucy! I wonder if I am the worst blogger in the world. At any rate...I wanted to share something I overheard recently that concerns me. I know the new healthcare plan has it's kinks and I am not taking sides or anything BUT I recently heard from a very conservative person that President Obama will be forcing people to have abortions if they have more than one child and that all old people will be forced to have assisted suicides at a certain age! COME ON, REALLY? Is this America-because that's worse than some socialist contries. I just don't get it-as someone who thinks the healthcare system, specifically the health insurance system needs an overhaul...I'm just grateful that the ball is rolling! Chime in, if you read and help me know the truth about what's in this new package-I don't wanna be ignorant, but I really don't think what that conservative pastor said is accurate. Just like always let's scare them into doing what we think is right!

Oh and here's our Lulu...too cute!