Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of An Inning

In the movie, "Good Morning Vietnam"one of my faves, the superior of an army radio d-jay says to him, "Do you know what three up and three down means, soldier." The d-jay responds, "yes sir, the end of an inning." That's it for us. Almost 3 years married and no children over and onto a new phase of life. So I thought I would post some of the things I've learned at the close of I consider what our new baby girl will teach us in 2009.
*Dave usually knows what he's talking about! -key word being usually. He really knows a lot of information, some which people might think useless but no doubt trustworthy. He is dependable and very wise. He's my rock and my best friend-I am very grateful to have married such a patient, kind, humorous and loving man.

*Jesus loves me-really! Not going to church will make you question how much God really loves you, but this year we have been so blessed. I work part-time, we own a home now, and we are expecting a child-there is enough money to go 'round, even the dogs still eat well! They even get treats. I think there is something to be said about the wisdom of living life to the fullest and following a few simple guidelines.

*Learning to love myself, has helped me love others more. Dave has really helped me to see that who I am is good enough! I still have complaints about my weight and my attitude sometimes, but as a whole I feel much better about who I am. That has made me much less critical of others and surely less judgmental. I can only hope to keep improving.

*Money and Sex won't ruin a marriage if you talk about them. We've had our share of discussions about the top two issues married people argue about, but we've made it so far. And I am learning to realize that all things can be talked about-if you set aside your pride and try to focus on what's important. I'm not saying we've found some key to marriage that I will write a book on, we don't pretend to have THE BEST MARRIAGE, or that everyone should do as we do. But I've learned that humor and honesty can get two people trying to become one through a lot of things!

*Basset Hounds can make the world a better place. Loretta has been a fun addition to our lives, she's even stopped chewing shoes! Now if we can keep her out of the kleenex.

*Family shouldn't be taken for granted! We've lost a lot of people we love this last year or so. My Papaw and Dave's Dad being the two that have made me think the most. Our child will not ever know Dave's parents, they are both deceased now. Dave's Dad will not impart his love for Johnny Cash or bits of wisdom, and humor on to our baby girl. Papaw will not be there to bounce her on his knee or buy ice cream from the ice cream man, and that has made me think of all the times I could have, should have, and didn't! I am going to try no to take for granted the love of family, and spend as much time making memories for my cousins, nieces and nephews and our kids as I can.

*Finally life isn't that serious! There are things that happen some because of my choices, others by accident...but no matter what life is meant to be enjoyed. Dave has helped me not be so afraid of ruining my life, making one mistake that will mess everything up. Humans are fragile, but life is meant to be lived, an adventure-and no matter how long I get to live it. I hope to enjoy it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Vampires at Christmas Time?

What happened to those thoughts on faith? Well I must admit, I've postponed, I'm still thinking. And thinking before I speak is usually a good idea, for me at least. I also have to confess another small tiny little thing. My sister-in-law gave me the book Twilight, a movie just came out based on it, and it happened. IT BIT ME! I could not put it down. There are 4 books in the series and each of them well over 600 pages...I finished them all in 3 weeks time. The first 3 I finished in about 2 weeks, then the last one I had to wait for my sister-in-law to finish.
Dave would try to talk to me and I couldn't hear him. For once, I understood what it was to be a man, or a small boy who hears the voice speaking to him, but can't make out the words. Dave would be talking to me and I would subconsciously tune it out. I had to know what happened to the vampire, werewolves and all the good people of Forks, Washington. He could have told me that the house was on fire, and I wouldn't have heard unless he was Edward Cullen or Dr. Carlisle. There is one disappointment I've had though, there are no more! At least for now-no book series has "sucked" me in, pardon the poor pun, for a long time. AND NOW THERE ARE NO MORE!!
Back to the library for more books which will educate, and slightly entertain me, but not transform me and take me to another world. I'll survive, but what a high it was.

Last but not least, I am on Christmas break...and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Tomorrow is Day #5 and even though I'm getting a cavity filled, it will be glorious. Nothing beats Christmas Break, when you're 29 and really know how to enjoy it. Thank God for the school calendar, and the rekindled excitement of being 10 and praying for snow delays. And thank God for my husband who never makes me feel guilty for working part-time, loves when I'm home, and is really appreciative of home-cooked meals, clean laundry-and a happy wife. As he says, "HAPPY WIFE-HAPPY LIFE." Merry Christmas!
With Love, The Webers and Bing!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


It's been quite awhile since my last post. I guess I was just giving it time to simmer. I've gotten quite a bit of response, not just on my blog...but even seen that there are some silent readers. What's amazing to me is the amount of people that seem to be in the same place as us. They desire something different but don't know what to do. I am hoping that in the next couple weeks I will be able to write a few more thoughts, but in the mean time, I wanted to thank all of you. Thank you for reading, understanding, and not judging. That means a lot to me. I can't wait to write some more and hear from more people. In the next week or so I hope to write some more, so please check in and let me know your thoughts.

In other news, our baby girl is growing strong. And I feel her move a lot more these days. I am starting to really get excited about meeting her. I also invite any of you who have name suggestions to leave them on my blog or facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts.