Friday, October 24, 2003

I am sort of interested in becoming Amish, especially if it means i don't have to deal with damn phone companies. i spent 3 hrs. on the phone with Sprint, and another 1/2 her. on the phone with AT&T. i am not sure what the deal is with phone companies but i had finally gotten somewhere with the sprint agent and bam we get disconnected. it should be impossible to get disconnected from the PHONE company. anyways i did have fun with the ladies that were working. they would give me their "title" and i would respond with nice title, how do i get one of those. i even commented on how soothing their voices were. it made them laugh. i decided that was better than being bitchy.

things have been good for me lately. i am not enjoying my classes so much this week. they have just sort of been BLAH. i think that is the word i want. i wish i could just meet with the students and have discussion, man would that be great. unfortunately, the grammar has to get in the way. i am planning on relaxing this weekend and grading papers, which can be done at the same time believe it or not.

I almost forgot, i am going to see John Mayer over thanksgiving break. i am pumped. i think he will marry me but i may have to do something shocking to get him to notice me. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i love his music. i get frustrated because i always want to love the obscure artist, but he is pop, i can't help it. He hopefully will finally have the musical talent to sustain a few generations. you know the next James Taylor. i know he has a lot of work ahead of him and those are big shoes to fill, but HE WILL DO IT. you heard the prophetic word here first.

i have also been listening to Andrew Womack tapes, called A Better Way to Pray. Ever since i wrote the article on prayer, i have been very interested. if you have time while you drive get the tapes. they will actually be available in our resource library or you can order them from him. He seems to have a lot of good thoughts on the tapes, and an incredible teaching on Jesus' Parable of the Fig Tree. i used to think that it was freaky to speak to your sickness, problem, finances, but i am starting to realize that there is authority given to me. so when i ask God to take care of something for me, it is not that He won't do it, but that certain laws which He ascribes to, give authority over those things to me. And if the authority of God spoke and things existed, then maybe i should consider that too. please don't hear me saying that if i want a Cadillac i can speak it into existence, i am not that extreme. i just wanted to share some thoughts. that is all for today.

~Lord, there are so many things that are good about you. i can't escape your goodness. i thank you for that and ask that you would continue to teach me to manifest that goodness in my life. i have authority because of your son and i am grateful for that. i am glad that Christ in me gives me the hope of glory. i can't completely get my mind around that verse and i definitely haven't gotten my flesh to live out that glory yet. but today i take a new step in believing that i can get closer. i will speak and those words will give life. "the power of life and death are in the tongue." and i choose life. thank you. Amen~

Monday, October 20, 2003

The time has come for me to get on the ball. well, not really but it has been a long time since i blogged. i got scared away for a while but i am back and uncensored. :) well sort probably still won't see any nudity or the f-word.

it has been a busy few weeks for me. i have been working a lot, which actually is enjoyable to me. my classes have started to get more time consuming, since my students don't seem to think that turning in papers on time is necessary. i also have a lot of stuff to grade, now that they are turning in stuff. i have gotten to know some of my students fairly well. matter of fact, i found out 2 weeks ago that one of them was amish. i have been having some great discussions with him. i will share some more details later, but needless to say it has been very interesting to talk to him lately.
i also have a student who gave me a David Lembaugh book, rush's brother. the book is called Persecution.

i am excited to write more and will do that either later today or tomorrow. i am busy talking to lucas and want to finish that conversation.

Friday, October 03, 2003

I once posted something on this date, that since then I wish I never had. Since years have gone by...I am "editing" it. I just want people to see that sometimes you change, and that I have done. If I could do things over again, I would have never posted what I did...and would have been a better friend. Just a quick word, in case the friend I hurt so deeply might ever read again, I am sorry. I know what I wrote was hurtful and wrong. I love you and hope one day our friendship can grow again.