Tuesday, June 24, 2003

alright. so it is working. i have not decided which of these sites i will be more faithful to, but since i was bored at work today. i decided to check this one out. if you are interested in knowing anything about me prior to the last five minutes. check out www.oasiscf.com. where i have some blogging going on in the personal blogs in the cafe. register there, get some more perspectives from people who type their thoughts incessently. we will soon see, how much i post here. i am not sure that it is the greatest idea i have ever had. i wonder if you switch blog spots if people actually follow. maybe i will just leave this one for myself. that will be cool.
so it begins. i am going to try this out and i hope that all goes well. we will soon see. thanks to shok i got tired of the old blog scene, so i thought i would try another. i am fairly computer illerterate, but that is what you get when you went to bible college. no math and definitely no computers. :)