Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obsess Much?

Two things I'm obsessing about:
1. Free Blog Giveaways! LOVE
2. Tummy Sleeping-what do I do?
Okay so another try at a giveaway...I'm a stay at home mom for the summer and I love looking for chances at cute free stuff for our Lucy. One of these tutus would be so cute on her bum!

and in other news Lucy is starting to turn in her crib so much! I just feel so bad cause I let her nap on her tummy, and I'm about to try it for the night. I just have so much fear about SIDS! I think SIDS is from the devil-seriously, can't my kid who WON'T sleep on her back, just sleep on that big ol' tummy and wake up in the morning-no worries. I know lots of people who still let their kids tummy sleep even though it's not reccommended. For now, we leave her in the carseat in her crib at night and tummy for naps, but I hope she rolls over soon so I don't have to worry!

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