Monday, September 29, 2003

It is official...i quite possibly heard the worse pick up line i have ever heard. the bacherlorette party was hysterical. we went to loma lindas and then on to the bait shop. i was outside with my good friend and a larger man with a nike t-shirt, jeans and a hat came over. he asked my friend to guess what he did. She, having a little too much to drink, obliged. "A mortician??"
nope he said.
"A real estate agent??"
"you sell mortgage??"
no i don't
"i give," she said
I AM A FREE-LANCE GYNECOLOGIST. i nearly spit on him. what in the world?? i would have rather heard some dirty perverted comment about our boobs. so this tip of the day is free.

DON'T EVER DO WHAT THAT GUY DID!!! you might actually get a chic.
that is all for today i am quite busy

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