Friday, September 26, 2003

obviously unknown to some of my dear blogging friends renee and i do not blog together. i just didn't want to mislead any of you that would click on shok and lydia's blog hoping to find some sort of lesbian pictures. :) having set that aside, it is now time to end another week. my life is starting to fly by without me even needing to be conscience at times. like this week i am not sure if i went to all my classes but i must have because my boss didn't call. it feels like those times when you are driving and you end up at your final destination feeling good about it but you just don't remeber how you got there. i used to do that nearly every time i drove back and forth from Lansing.

tonight i am going to hang out with Nikki Hall before she goes and marries scott, or in other word's a bachelorette party. i am sure that it will be fun, but i am not sure that i am the typical person to be involved in those. i love nikki and her sister in law, Sarah Hall, though so i am expecting to see some crazy stuff happen. NOthing incredibly degrading or sinful though. i am sure.

i don't have too many deep thoughts today, however there is so much value in relationships. God has given me blessing not just in provision for life and food, but with really good friends. i have so many people in my life that i love and i am grateful. my mom and brothers and sisters are incredible. they are very supportive and i love how we grow together as we get older and learn to relate differently. amy, kevin, mayzie, jerry, jill, jordan, nick and hayley, lou and robyn, robin and brant, brian and sarah, vic and shelly, val, pam, kim and greg, nina and oskar...the list could go on forever. i just am grateful for the part of God that is revealed thru each one of you and even those i haven't yet mentioned...lydia, shok, glenn and carrie, gay and troy, bonnie and larry, grandma and grandpa, aunt alesia. i am sure you are sick of reading so i won't bore you. but today i just found myself grateful for you all, after a truck ride with Brian to Legacy Lake go figure. just kiddin' bri, i dig ya.
have a good weekend all, enjoy your relationships.
p.s. the previously mentioned people were in no particular order so don't feel to special if you were first, last or not mentioned at all. you know who you are and how i care about you, i just didn't think that i said it enough. :)

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