Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Wife-Happy Life

That's what Dave says anyways..well lately it's been crazy wife, I'm sure. I am trying to keep up with 3 part-time jobs, and not doing very well at it. And still nurse Lucy and stay home with her some. But it's just so difficult. She had an opthamologist appointment-thought her eyes were turning in, turns out he's not worried about it. So we're keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping her eyes don't. That would make her mommy so sad. I just can't imagine what it would be like to have worries all the time, thank God outside of this and her cat scan-which turned out she just had a big gourd-everything's been fine. Both of those things have been two of the scariest things in my life. Trusting God with your child is very logical and very true...but believing that He has the best in mind for them when you're afraid is very tough. Man I love that little girl-she's changed me so!
Also Lucy's allergic to broccoli, I think! She vomitted everywhere and now...to figure out if it was that for sure or not! It made mommy so worried causes she was at work. I really hope this mommy worrying stuff gets easier-for some reason I don't think it does.
In other news, No Tree up yet, no shopping done, and I am waiting for excel trial version to download because I need it to do work from home.
OH DEAR, what to do!
Still thankful though, so much to be grateful for

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