Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Thought on Faith

Well recently two of my friends both ex-pastors have been formulating more of their beliefs, well more like, more of what they aren't sure of. You can check out one of them here At any rate, I'm not sure what words they would use to describe themselves but I believe Agnostic and Universalist might be as close as they get towards a box. Although, believe me you meet these two men and a box isn't where they belong. Both of them are kind and accepting, understanding, and non-judgmental.
Here's what I find sad, I believe they both know that I still believe in God 100%. But they don't treat me the way they have been treated by Christians. When I am with them I feel acceptance, love, and no obligation. They are looked down upon, as failures of Christian faith. I find that very sad. They are not scary, they have not corrupted me...matter of fact much of our discussion has helped me. They haven't made me lose my faith, rather they have increased my love and acceptance for others. When Dave and I hang out with them, we feel so much like a part of their family. It's weird but no matter what, there's no obligation. It's such a free feeling. So what disqualifies them in Christianity? They aren't sure about ANYTHING!!! Weird but I don't know many Christians that are sure about things, they are just HOPING or faithing that things are what they believe. Here's my question: Is God okay with us not being sure? Is He big enough to still be God despite our disbelief? If I have some wrong theology can He handle that?
I don't know the answers to those questions, but I sure hope so. I hope that there is a God. And that He really is love. I hope he created this world so that we could enjoy and that somehow for some reason, when things got screwed up, He knows how to fix it. I am hoping that if all of this comes crashing to an end (like many of my Christian friends believe), that we'll all be sort of surprised by the ending-no one could have predicted. I also am hoping that He knows me, and that I'm tired of trying to figure things out. I just wanna live, love and try to do some good for those I come in contact with.
I want to say to those two men and their families that I am referring to, the Webers are grateful!! You challenge us, love us, and accept us-and people spend lifetimes looking for friends like that. One of you we've just gotten to know, and hope that we'll continue this journey as friends. The other one, you've taught us generosity, love, and kindness can go a long way. (guess I'm getting sappy like you!)


Jim Schoch said...

good stuff julie girl ... yup that's me she's referring to ... no secrets here ... agnostic is NOT atheist for those who assume otherwise ... :) we love u guys too ... BW is the new name for the baby ya know ... as in baby weber or as in like BW's wings ... sheesh this new BW will have to visit the wing place soon after her entry into this beautiful fun filled world ... an order of mild wings coming up for BW ... downed with a swig of errrr natural milk shall we say :)

Tammy said...

there is a big difference between religion and ... whatever you call it when someone decides to treat people with honest respect and love.

if i could think of a term for that, i might then know what box fits me!

so i am right to understand that this baby girl is yet un-named? my daddy was not named until he was six weeks old and on his way to his first church service. so there is no hurry. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie. I appreciate the kind words.

We love you guys


Aiden's Momma said...

Love you Ju-Ju and Davey too and Baby Girl Weber :D We are so blessed to have you in our lives :D

S Broggie said...

Really enjoyed this post (as I do nearly all of what you and Dave write)Also started reading and I'm hooked.
We really miss you guys. Hope Baby W comes soon.