Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I do have some thoughts but it is 10pm and i am going to bed, because i have to work in Toledo tomorrow which means i get up by 5am or so. i would like to share these quick thoughts...

My struggle lately has been the fact that i can't quite do what Ephesians says. forgetting what lies behind and straining towards the goal. instead i tend to strain towards what is behind and forget what is in the future. there are many things that i have done in the past that have been haunting me especially this past week. i wish i could go back and change them, you know get one of those four square do-overs, but i can't. so i need help, i need that which is to heavy and burdensome to me to be picked up by one who can carry the load. i am not sure that i have done very good at straining toward the future, the goal...but it starts tonite before i go to bed. i want to have dreams and thoughts of the promises of God and how they will manifest in my life.

all right that is me for right now...not much new. i got a car today from some very generous people in our church. i am grateful for their blessing and giving to the Lord. i know that they will receive honor for that. i am completely humbled by the Lord's provision in my life, in abundance. i also have raised almost $800 more than i need to go to Kenya. again i am blessed in abundance. i know that the Lord is honoring the faith He planted in me and i am grateful. i hope to have more stories like this soon. continue to pray for my mind as i prepare to go to Kenya.

good nite

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