Friday, January 02, 2004

2004...seems like crazy but i guess it is here. i am hoping to accomplish a lot of things this year but i am not going to call them resolutions. technically they aren't resolutions yet because i haven't firmly determined these things...that's how Webster difines it plus it isn't a formal declaration...but i guess it will be after writing this. I am going to do my best to continue working on being DEBT FREE. i am doing well, since the accident paid off my car and will give me some money...for the next vehicle. but in the meantime i will be driving a car that someone gave to me :) that is such a blessing. i would also like to continue to develop my teaching/preaching...hopefully teaching more concepts, but this would mean a closer walk with the Lord. i am sure that everyone says that every year, but i really desire to learn to control somethings...for one my mind. i often times have thoughts about things and people that don't escape my mouth but i think them and that changes my view and perception on everything. They all stem from a lack of trust and faith but i know that God will continue to spur me on in these to things. I would also like to continue to pursue health. i have done very well this year...eliminated pop from the diet and also refrain from eating red meat as much as possible. The only time i do is if someone has me over for dinner and makes it then i will eat it, but i try to eat only chicken and turkey if possible. so this year i would like to work out at least 2-3 times a week. i did very well last year for almost 6 months, but then i made excuses. most people try to put a pound limit on the weight they want to loose and although i think that is good...HEALTH is better. so i am going to do things that will take off weight but will drastically change my lifestyle. we will see how it goes.

I am excited about the things that are in store for me this year, it seems as though life just keeps getting better. I read Phil. 1:1-6 the other day and had some major breakthrough in renewing my mind. i want to Remember people, hopes, and dreams with JOY each time i pray. so i start there today...

Heavenly Father,
thank you for the people that you have placed in my life. i know that i don't always see things the way that you do but right now i am extremely grateful for your kindness and how you've held me in a place where i am secure and protected. thank you for new friendships and old are so great. i also praise you for the dreams that lie in the secret places of my heart. stir those up and continue to remind me of your provision that has already been mine. Today i lay claim to those things, i know you give me every place i set my foot. so i start walking. thank you for a new year, i love the refreshing that comes with that. Lord, i praise you for an opportunity to travel to Kenya... i ask that i might begin the renewing of my mind and that you will use my brothers and sisters there to teach me about childlike faith and trust in the NAME above all names. thank you so much for chasing me...and continually showing me your passion for me. i love you.

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