Friday, November 21, 2003

what a busy, but incredible week. plenty of things happened and all of them very exciting. one of the most exciting is the fact that i decided to go to Kenya in February. i am so pumped...i can hardley wait. i know that it will be one of the greatest experiences of my life. i will tell the story about my decision sometime soon.
also this weekend is our annual turkey giveaway which i am excited about. i really think that giving turkeys away seems like such a cool thing, but what is cooler is that fact that i know our people have at least 100 opportunities to shar Christ in so many ways. if you are still wanting to give a dinner, see me on sunday.
lucas, amy, and i threw the potatoes in the kitchen today< LITERALLY...what a sight to see.

and on a side note- I BOUGHT A FISH, with crazy google eyes. he is all black and very interesting looking, but i am taking suggestions for names. the ones i am thinking of right now are inappropriate, and wouldn't be cool to tell children when they come over and ask what my fish's name is. so comment with your suggestions.
have a great weekend :)

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