Monday, November 10, 2003

I am back with a vengance. well not really, but i couldn't think of a better way to start this thing. i had a great weekend at the conference. it was really incredible. the Lord showed up in a powerful way. He spoke thru several of my friends encouraging me to fight the good fight. i am grateful for that, but even better than the conference was the word that we heard on sunday morning. holy smokes, God spoke truth into people's hearts thru Jerry Grieser. He said many things but his personal disclosure really helped move the Word from being a book to being alive. i am grateful for the things He has taught Jerry. i have raised many flags on hills calling them failures. the only problem for me is that there is some truth to that. i have made mistakes and so the enemy taunts me calling them failures, but He is my very present help in time of need. He turns my hills of "failures" into mountains that are to be stood and marveled at. i am so grateful for that. christ in me took on a whole new meaning this weekend and just in time. i am armed with Christ. any accusations raised at me, i will point toward him because agst. Him there can be no accusations. i never really understood that the way i do today.
that is all for now.

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