Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Saturday, our little Lucy will be

7 weeks old. Hard to believe, everyone said time flies and they weren't joking!! This is her in her last new born outfit that still fits. She is weighing 11 pounds now, smiling, cooing and keeping mommy and daddy entertained. She even takes a bottle of breastmilk every now and again. I will have to say that parenting has been one of my toughest and most rewarding experiences so far. Everyday I fall more in love with this little blessing. She is such a good baby-I know we are very fortunate...no colic, sleeps through the night already, eats well...no complaints there. But I think I would have lost my mind if she had, because nursing has been difficult-got some very sore nipples*they even bled!!!

Our life is very different now, everything we do is on her little time frame, but I can't imagine what we did before. It's so nice having a little girl with us all the time. I would like to describe more of my feelings, but she is stirring right now in the carrier I am wearing. I will just say that I never knew that a child would be so amazing. I also would say I don't know what God intended for us to experience having children this way-but our experience has been both challenging and made us question things, as well as made us believe that there must be a God even more. When I look at those little hands, feet, and ears-I can't believe that she is the combonation of Dave and I. It's so crazy, how two people can make something so beautiful and perfect. Well she's really mad now, so I best be parenting. 2 months ago, I could have written more. :)

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Tiffany said...

Oh my word.... the time sure does fly and how can she be 7 weeks already!!!! She is precious!