Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simpler Times

This is a picture of the door to our baby's room, my husbands bedroom as a child. He sanded all of those baseball stickers off, so she could start anew. I've been thinking a lot about this door lately...I have spent the majority of my adult (18 and older) life trying to not do things like this. I have been soo worried about screwing up everything. As a kid, I was taught that putting stickers on a door was bad...because you couldn't get them off. And it made the house look bad, but the back of your bedroom door seems reasonable to me. What's crazy is, Dave wanted to take this picture to remember it. I am just thinking that there's really nothing wrong with being a kid...sticking stickers on the door. Dave sanded them off and painted over the door no trouble. What cool parents he had to let him do that. I think Baby Girl Weber will be able to try some things like this too.
I am still trying to shake off FEAR of screwing things up, mainly due to some of my church experiences. I have lived my life with fear of rejection and a desire to please others so much, that it stole my life from me. Maybe some people can make it through their religious experiences without a sense of obligation, but I didn't. It is still something I struggle with everyday. It's getting better, but I'm not quite through it.
I am hoping to raise a daughter who knows that she might screw things up, but there is always someone who can help her fix it. Besides who says stickers on the door is wrong anyways?! Here's to me being up too late, writing this post. And here's to the future for our little girl. May you know love and joy all of your days, and when trouble comes may you have peace enough to get through, and a mommy and daddy who can comfort you-and sand your doors! I'm excited to meet you, and Daddy is too! We love you already.


Susan said...

Excellent entry...I can relate. I love the prayers for your little girl & I rejoice over how wonderful her life will be.

deewills said...

:-) She is already a very blessed little girl! :-) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...


Here is the good news. You will screw up. But more than likely, your daughter will still love you dearly 18 years from now.

Every child will reach an age where they realize their parents are very imperfect.

The best of people screw up. Wise people learn from their screw ups and work to not repeat them again.

You and the Mr. are going to be good parents.

Why? Cuz you are good people to start with.


Tammy said...

story #1

my boys put a dart board on the back of their bedroom door. and threw darts at it. and missed a lot.

by the time Jesse bought the house from us, there was a large section of the wall that had holes all over it, not to mention the door.

he fixed it all up for Aiden's room. and the cycle continues ... :D

story #2

one time Jesse decided to dig up the grass and dump a pick up of gravel in the backyard, and remove part of the fence that was in the way, so he could create another parking spot.

then when he bought the house from us, he scooped up all the gravel, replanted grass, and replaced the section of fence for Aiden to have a backyard to play in.

and the cycle continues ...


i love it!