Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Baby Girl on Her Way

Just a quick update on Baby Weber. Things are going well. My blood pressure's back to being good. 126/62 at my last appointment...not bad for someone who started the pregnancy at 144/92. My Dr. says I have white coats syndrome. Who knows?
Tomorrow I will be 27 weeks along...almost 7 months. It's hard to believe because it's gone so fast, well all but the puking my guts out thing. I also can no longer suck in my gut. Being chubby you don't show as fast as those cute thin girls, so I am just now starting to stick out, and I'm not sure about it. I am sure I really like the feeling of my 2 lb. baby girl kicking. Although she's been a bit rough on the bladder lately. We are excited, but have much to do before she comes. She needs her room decorated and set up.
Oh and still no name...we are leaning away from Emma though, there are just too many of them. It's such a sweet name, but I'm not sure that I want to pick one that's been so popular lately. We'll see....the search continues.


Noellium said...

Eeee, so exciting! :D

Tammy said...

if Aaron had been a girl, he would have been Grace Marie.

Jesse would have been Hannelore (a german name that rhymes with Donna-Laura).

I won't be mad if you steal either one, as our baby days are over. ;)

Anonymous said...


I have not read your blog in a while. And when I read about you I am amazed. You are truly a wonderful human being. I can't believe that God let me raise you. You are one of his shinging stars and I hope to grow up and be like you someday!!!

Love you Ju Ju Be !!!