Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Weber

This Friday the 14th, we get to find out what our little pumpkin is. I'm getting very excited, I hope the baby cooperates, and lets the ultrasound tech show us its sex. I can't wait this is all starting to get pretty real now. I am excited, but I must be starting to get a bit nervous. Last nite I had a dream that I was still in high school, and got pregnant...I didn't know who the father was for sure. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? It's probably a combination of my abstinence education job, and the pregnancy hormones, but talk about weird. I kept saying, that I didn't want to keep it, I was probably going to put it up for adoption. It was weird because in the dream, all these people from high school that I haven't talked to for a while were hanging out with me, and they kept saying we didn't know you were having sex with anyone. WEIRD. Well for the record, I do have sex with my husband and it's his baby-maybe that will let my conscience know not to have that whacked out dream anymore.

I am also posting a picture I took this Fall at Golls Woods. I love Fall, but we had our first snowflakes this week...so looks like fall is nearly done.


David Weber said...

I can't believe you're telling people we have sex! ;)

Anonymous said...

Too Much info. Too Much info> :)

Noellium said...

Weird dreams are so much fun (although one like the one you had might be a bit jarring at first). XD I noticed that if I write them down, I usually don't have them again, so yeah, maybe that's the only time you'll have it. ^_^;