Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pregnant, fo' shizzel

Last weekend we managed to make it to TD's gig, as I posted below. Well after 35 minutes of looking through the menu. I finally, out of the need to make a decision, not because anything sounded appetizing, chose the Kid's Meal with Mac'N'Cheese (no it wasn't Kraft). Anyhow, the waitress came up and took our order, as I told her she said I'm sorry you have to be under 12 to order from the Kid's Menu. Right then it happened, I nearly cried. She must have read it on my face because she assured me she could get me just a small side dish, and it would be cheaper. I said, I just don't want a lot, it will make me sick. She must have thought me crazy. The weird part is I remember logically thinking, this is a stupid thing to cry about, but I almost couldn't stop it. The worst part, though, I don't remember if I even told her I was pregnant...I sure hope she figured out. Why else would a grown 29 year old woman cry over mac'n'cheese? Here's to pregnancy...all of its quirks.


Aiden's Momma said...

Been there! Although, I think it was over Jesse not wanting to get me a club sandwhich!!!LOL

Karin said...

I cried over commercials, food, you name it. Those hormones are CRAZY!

Levi & Erica said...

I'm not a big crier at movies, but my sister recommended P.S. I Love You and we had to turn it off after about 15 minutes after which I had a TOTAL breakdown and tried to make my husband promise never to die. I also cry over not finding anything to wear... regularly.