Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Uncle Buddy

Buddy, is a pug which we inherited when my father in law passed away. He is pretty ugly, which makes him cute-most of the time. He turned 11 yesterday, and I'll be honest...I was a bit disappointed when the vet said last week he looks like he's in better shape. He's lost 4 lbs. thanks to Loretta chasing him around and stealing his food. She said he has more pep too! Well, I do not, because I can't get him to stop rubbing his disgusting EYE BOOGERS on the walls. I want to hurt him, but I refrain. He also sheds like it's his job. Not cool-it really grosses me out. But what can we do? He's Family-Dave says Buddy is his brother from a different mother-so we live with it. Now he has something wrong with his paw and I must take him to the vet. I am not good at taking dogs to the vet, especially old grumpy ones. We'll see how it goes.

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