Monday, September 15, 2008

Lil' Peanut in the Ultrasound

Well we had our first ultrasound on Sept. 11th, and I am very happy to say we heard that strong heartbeat. Makes all the sickness I've had worth it. I am 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant, the ultrasound predicted. And we have a due date of around April 10th, which could change once we go to the doctor on Wednesday, we'll see. Here's the pic. I know the baby looks like a blob, but it's our cute lil' blob.


Aiden's Momma said...

Hi baby Weber! Cannot wait to meet you!:D

Jeanna said...

Julie and Dave.
I heard you were having a baby!!! We are so excited for you. Based on your post sounds like your baby and my imaginary one will be due about the same time! Too bad you are in OH!

I'll explain. Danny is spreading the rumor that I'm having a sister for him! Told my mom last night. So my mom's like. UH... Heard your pregnant! Gotta love the kids!

Miss you both!
Rick and Jeanna
Camarillians for LIFE!

Noellium said...

Hi Julve (JULie + DaVE), nice to see you. :D

Julie Weber said...

thanks for the comments. That Danny sure knows how to get things done. How cute!!! HOpe things are well with you guys. We miss you too!
Love, Julie

Tiffany said...

So very excited for you guys!!!!!
Many congratulations.... keeping you guys and baby in our prayers!