Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garage Sale: we have been having a garage sale, and all is going well. We have made quite a large sum, for a garage sale, and although we didn't pay for our tickets to kenya with it, we are well on our way. One more day...everything half off!!! So hopefully, we'll make some more.

Here's a pic for the day, I am considering posting one each day OR maybe more like a couple a week. We'll see how I feel because I'm slowing down learning to take it all in.
Here's a little guy who was learning to fly, sitting on the window sill of our dining room, this past spring. Baby birds are so cute, with there gigantic beaks to large for their heads. Sort of like little boys when they go through that stage around 8-10 yrs. when their two front teeth are too big for their mouths, or as my friend Kendi says, they look like chiclets.

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